Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Cuddle Sutra...A Valentine's Day Bulletin Board

Okay so this bulletin board was inspired by a board that I saw my freshman year in the Res Halls! It is from the book The Cuddle Sutra and I took screenshots from the online book and basically put it up on my board. It is super simple but it looks incredible. The boarder was inspired from a post I saw on Pinterest! But I will not be linking to that post because my residents ripped the boarder down, so I am sure most of you other RA's will understand residents vandalizing your boards and whatnot...So here it is, I hope you are inspired to do a cuddle themed board!


  1. Love this board idea! I am a RA going into my second year as a RA and I would love to recreate this board idea for my residents

    1. You should! I know this board is old, but when I made it the Cuddle Sutra was available as a PDF online. Good luck! I did two years as an RA, I hope you have a wonderful and exciting year!

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