Sunday, September 30, 2012

October Bulletin Board!

So I had to have my October Bulletin Board up today! I am so excited to see if the residents like it! It is a "Physical" themed board and it is Pac Man! The title is: "In life there are no extra lives" meaning that you should treat your body with respect and exercise and eat healthy. My school has a state-of-the-art wellness center that has a fantastic gym and health services department. I actually did a diet analysis and I am meeting with a nutritionist on Wednesday to help me eat healthier and be an all around healthier person! But I know what you really want to see is my board, here it is!

I included the fitness classes that my school's gym has, gym hours, health center cooking demonstrations, and ways to exercise in their rooms along with workouts they can do at the gym!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Nail Polish + Keys = Fabulous!

I saw these keys on Pinterest a few months ago and they inspired me to do this as a craft when I really needed a creative outlet! I am sure that I am not the only college student walking around with a bunch of keys. Two keys to my house back home, one key to my room here in Sacramento, and the key to Carol (my 2002 gold Honda Accord). So obviously I wanted to try this out! I grabbed two bottles of nail polish, some glitter polish, and I went to town. If you live in a residence hall like I do, please ask your RA if you are allowed to paint your key. My res hall does not allow this, so I painted my house keys.

Warning: Only do this craft if you are patient and do not mind waiting an hour or so in between coats of polish, I waited overnight before putting on the glitter polish. So now that you have been warned...

Material's Needed:
-Nail Polish (one color per key, if you want)
-Glitter Nail Polish (optional)

1) Grab your key and paint one thin layer of nail polish on one side. Allow some time to dry. Proceed to painting the inside holes of the key and the outer rim. Please note: you cannot place the key face down on a table at this point because the key may still be wet even if it feels dry! I stuck my keys in a couple of textbooks with the top sticking out so they could suspend and dry that way. Also, only paint the top part of the key (as seen in the picture) or else when you go to use your key it will scratch the paint off in your lock!
2) Repeat step one until desired color is achieved (I did two coats for each color and allowed to dry in between).
3) Let keys dry for a loooong time, I let mine dry overnight because I started this craft at 8 PM, but I would still allow a couple of hours for all layers of paint to dry.
4) If you want your keys to sparkle, apply a layer of glitter nail polish to your keys! I let mine dry while I was at class for three hours and that was more than enough.
5) Very carefully put your keys back on your key ring. This is where your key could be scratched, so be careful!!!
6) Enjoy your beautiful keys!

Finished Product

Products I used: 
-Spoiled (by Wet'N'Wild) Tip Your Waitress
-Claire's Breakfast at Tiffany's
-Claire's Glitter Top Coat

Thursday, September 13, 2012


Okay so I am just going to throw this out right now, I am not a huge fan of celebrating "month milestones." I do think it is super cute if the boy (because more often than not, he will forget) remembers to say something, but for the most part it isn't important. Yesterday was Chris and myself's year and a half milestone. And it was cool, it was nice thinking about how much I love my guy and how wonderful he is. So I got him a wicked cool Batman t-shirt (because we both love him in superhero t's) and a pack of cards he collects. I also wrote him a note, we had dinner at his house and played some games with his family. I loved it because it was a special day for us, but we just did our day-to-day routine. When I got back to my building from class today I saw my first piece of mail in my box!! A letter from Chris! It was a year-and-a-half-aversery card that he had hoped to get to me yesterday, but it was perfect! I even Instagram-ed it! Here is a copy of the picture, I put two pictures of the card and a photo of the day I met Chris.