Thursday, June 6, 2013

Summer Cleaning... Under the Bathroom Sink

So when I am back home I have to compete for space in the bathroom with my sister. Love her to death but this time when I got home it was like there was absolutely no room for anything I brought! So I talked to my mom and I told her I would put in new Contact paper under the sink and clean out the stuff so that my sister and I could share the space nicely!

What you will need to achieve an organized bathroom sink:
-Containers (preferably the kind with handles so you can easily remove it from under the sink), get enough so that each person using the bathroom will have their own space.
-Roll of Contact paper--your's is probably dated anyway so just buy a new roll
-Box cutter to trim the new contact paper to size
-Garbage bags--you will be throwing stuff out!

How I cleaned out under the bathroom sink:
1) Take EVERYTHING out. I mean everything, do not leave a single bottle or roll of toilet paper in there.
2) If you have old, dated contact paper under the sink, rip that stuff out!
3) Put in the new Contact paper!
4) Organize your beauty products and bathroom supplies by category (bathroom supplies, face stuff, hair stuff, nail stuff, etc.).
5) Throw away anything that has less than 1/4 of product in the bottle (unless you use it every single day).
6) Throw away anything you haven't used in a month.
7) Throw away any products you did not like or know you will not use again.
8) Put remaining items into your bathroom container.
9) Put your bathroom supplies in their own spot under the sink.
10) Put away bathroom containers under sink.

I wish I could show you a Before and After picture, but it did not occur to me to do a blog post until I was in the middle of the mess. The first "During" picture I took is the title picture and as you can tell it was quite the mess... Here is the second "During" picture:

At this point I have separated my sister's things by face, hair, and nail supplies and she just had to toss whatever she did not want to keep anymore!

And the end result... Drumroll Please!

Ta Da! It looks so much better, once again wishing I had that "Before" picture. But my sister and I each have a container (mine is blue!) and we were able to  still have enough space so that the cupbord does not look too cluttered.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

So You are Graduating High School Today...Eight Pictures to Take!

So here is Part Two of my High School to College Series that I am writing this summer! If you read Part One I wrote about a Top Ten List of things you should do before graduating high school. But today or in the next few days you will be graduating from high school (or college... these picture ideas will apply to anyone graduating!) and I have eight pictures that you need to have before you take off your cap and gown and start on your next life adventure.

Before/During the Ceremony

The "This is How I Decorated My Cap" Picture: So technically my high school did not allow us to decorate our caps, but I had already finished when they announced the day of graduation that we were not allowed to. This bad boy took me two days of spending three hours a day gluing sequins. Not an exciting job, but the end result was worth it.

The "Walking to Your Seat" Picture: this is where your parents use that zoom on the camera and try and find you in a line of people that look exactly the same. Try and wave to them (if you know where they are sitting) so they know where you are in a sea of caps and gowns!

The "I Got My Diploma!" Picture: I would also suggest if you can to get a picture of you walking to get your diploma and exiting the stage, because of terrible lighting none of my pictures turned out well when I was on the stage. You can also buy a copy if your school has a photographer taking pictures right when you receive your diploma, but I did not buy mine. Also, do not hold your diploma upside down like I did...

The "We Did It!" Picture: This is the most stereotypical picture you can take at a graduation, but I am so happy I have it! There is nothing like capturing the excitement of the end of a graduation.

After the Ceremony

The "Family" Picture: Take a picture with the people who came to show their support! They came to watch you accept your diploma and finish off high school!

The "Sister" Picture: Be sure to take a picture with your sister! I did not take a picture with my brother, which is weird because he was definitely there. Think ahead and plan time to take a picture with each of your siblings.

The "Daddy's Girl" Picture: This could be modified for one parent or both, but I just love this picture of my dad and me!

The "Best Friend" Picture: I know this picture is blurry and that is such a bummer, but I absolutely love how candid it is. We also took the staged side-by-side picture but I chose not to include that one.

So there you have it! Eight pictures you should definitely look into having on your camera before you leave the graduation! There are thousands more I hope you plan on taking, but these are the ones you will always look back on!