Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday Night Date Night: The Price is Right Edition

Okay here is a date night that was originally brought to Date Night Enthusiasts by The Dating Divas! This date was originally supposed to be a group date, but I just made it work for Chris and my weekly date night.

I started out by sending him a picture of the adorable free invitation all filled out (it would have been too much of a hassle driving the twenty miles out to him just to hand deliver it), and then when he got to my house on we had some dinner and filled out the Game Cards (Rounds 1 & 2) (Round 3 & Showcase).

We then headed out to the Target close by and completed all of the Rounds and Showcase and the winner was...



And then me in Second Place!

We decided that the winner was going to get a prize chosen and paid for by the second place-er (loser sounds mean!)! So I ended up buying Chris Magic Cards and a Star Wars light-up yoyo! And because he is such a sweetheart, Chris bought me a Barbie light-up yoyo and a Disney Princess Pen complete with bubbles and Princess stamp.

After we got back to my place, Chris and I went on a walk in the dark with our new yoyo's! 

Basically, this is an awesome date from The Dating Divas and I highly recommend it!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Think Before You Ink Bulletin Board

I just finished my most recent bulletin board! The title is Think Before You Ink and it is all about tattoos.

I included six sections on this bulletin board.

1) Top 10 Tattoo Fails: This is where I found ten terrible tattoos from Pinterest and Google Images to make my board more eye-catching and draw residents in to read my information.
2) Tat Stats: Five statistics about tattoos, including percent of Americans that regret their ink.
3) Before: What to do before you get a tattoo.
4) After: What to do after you get your tattoo.
5) Placement: The most painful and least painful places to get tattoos.
6) Removal: Tattoo removal methods (mostly laser removal).

Monday, February 11, 2013

DIY Dreamcatcher!

I am sorry that I have been away, school has been super busy and so has work! But moving on to the tutorial. So I did a program of making dreamcatchers for my residents! It turned out really well, and I was able to get enough materials for 30+ dreamcatchers at Hobby Lobby for less than $13! This can be done with anyone that has some basic craft skills, but I wouldn't recommend it for young children. This craft is probably 8 years and older.

-Pipecleaner (I chose brown)
-Yarn (I chose a brown/beige/white tie-dye type yarn)
Cut your yarn into one long piece (at least 1.5 feet) and three smaller pieces for tassels
-Beads (I bought a bag of teal ones)
-Feathers (I chose a more natural brown/white/black bag)

Step 1: Gather your materials

Step 2: Make a circle with your pipecleaner

Step 3: Tie the long piece of yarn onto the pipecleaner circle

Step 4: Use this video (skip ahead to 1:15 for the important stuff) to learn how to make the inside of the dreamcatcher!

Step 5: In order to make sure that the middle of your dreamcatcher stays secure, tie a knot in it and add a bead for embellishment! Cut off any little strings of yarn you do not want hanging.

Step 6: Add your three tassels to the bottom of your dreamcatcher (or anywhere you want them) and cut them to desired length. Also, cut a small piece of yarn and make a loop at the top in order to hang your dreamcatcher.

Step 7: Add beads and feathers to your tassels and you are done! But beware: this could take a very long time depending on how detailed you want your beadwork/featherwork to be.

Hang your dreamcatcher over your bed now that it is done. The Ojibwa tribe hung dreamcatchers over their heads so that only their good dreams would be filter through, and would slide down the feathers to their heads.