Tuesday, March 20, 2012

First Day of Spring Nails!

These are my nails for the first day of Spring! I thought I would also do a flower on my ring finger because that is the new popular trend! The pink/coral color I used is OPI Melon of Troy and the white was OPI Alpine Snow.

Edit 4/14/12: If you don't have a tool to do dots you can make your own dotting tool courtesy of one of my favorite websites The Beauty Department.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Our First Anniversary

So yesterday was my first anniversary with Chris! It was really a wonderful day. Very low-key, just the way we like it. And since we are trying our hardest to save every penny we have (well, we both splurged this anniversary, so that's another reason why we needed to save as much as possible), we decided to just make a wonderful dinner and enjoy each other's company.

So first off we started off with opening presents! I already showed you all what I made Chris, but he was so happy and excited when he got his Les Mis tickets! I know I am very excited to go in August! And He gave me the most beautiful promise ring :)

Then we ran to Safeway to pick up groceries in order to make this recipe! A whole chicken in a Crock Pot. I was a little nervous, wondering how it would turn out, but it did turn out very well and we were very satisfied. We even had enough left over for my roommates to have dinner as well! So I made a little bit of an alteration in the recipe, if you were wondering. I added carrots to the bottom of the Crock Pot because Chris and I do not like onions, and I added two cloves of garlic into the seasoning and three into the carrot bottom of the pot. The chicken took about four hours to cook on high and smelled wonderfully of garlic (if you do not like garlic, take it out!). The pictures above are the chicken in the crock pot and me holding our dinner as I prepared it!

We also had rice, fruit salad (apples, grapes, and banana), garlic bread, and cupcakes! Of course we had to have sparkling cider as well because this was such a special occasion! And with my fake candle lit (obviously, I still live in a dorm room, no real candles allowed!) we sat to our romantic dinner.

It was a wonderful day with my love. To many, many more anniversaries!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Anniversary Gift

So Chris and I have our first anniversary on Monday (I know, exciting!) and I bought us tickets to se Les Miserables in San Francisco this summer for him. but I was not going to just hand him an envelope with tickets inside! So I bought a scrapbook page shadow box onlin and decorated it as if we had already gone to the show and were putting together a little memory box. I looked up the measurments of a Playbill and made room for a picture of us and our ticket stubs. I taped the tickets inside (carefully so they can be removed of course) and now I cannot WAIT to give him his gift!