Friday, January 31, 2014

January 2014 Favorites

My first "Favorites" list! I wanted to start this in 2013 but because I have not been the most consistent blogger (something I am working on!), I am starting in January. This "Favorites" list is in no particular order, so I have one coffee favorite thrown in with the beauty and makeup... Maybe next month I will do better to keep my lifestyle favorites at the end! Here goes nothing!

I started to use this in December because my skin was revolting against me. After a month of consistent use my skin completely flipped on me (in a good way). I plan on posting a more in depth review of the line soon, but until then just know that if you are struggling with acne you should check this out!

I don't know if this lotion actually relieves stress, but it has an amazing smell that is great for men and women! I think that just applying lotion is relaxing so that might be why I enjoy it so much!

Too Faced is know for their scandalous names--but this one is too much! I don't know about the title, but the product is amazing. Two or three coats of this stuff and you will not even recognize your lashes! It is absolutely wonderful.

Best. Coffee. Ever. That's really all I have to say.

This foundation is the perfect balance of coverage and not looking like cake-face. I wear the shade 2N1 Desert Beige and it is a pretty great match for me when I am in the winter months. 

This is not the right picture or a link to where you can purchase. But it is a link to Casey Holme's video about beauty blender dupes! I got mine at Marshall's!

These blushes are awesome! I love every one of them that I have (and I think I have all the colors), but I somehow waited until this January to buy them! they are super blendable and come in a large enough variety that any skin tone will have a blush complementing them.

These things are amazing! I own five from the line (lacquer and matte balms) and the Laquer Balm in "Ingenue" is my favorite nude lip of the moment.

#9 // Naked 3

Need I say anymore?

These were such a blast from the past for me when I found them earlier this month! I cannot wait to take all of my notes for the semester with these pens!