Monday, January 7, 2013

Claire's Mini-Haul!

So here is what I got at work the other day!

Fuzzy Black Scarf--On Sale! $4
Black and White Boquete Flower Earrings--On Sale! $1
Apple Earrings--On Sale! $1
Feather Barrett--On Sale! $1
New! Leopard/Beige/Brown Elastic Hair Ties--$4.50

I want to start with the earrings I bought! I had my eye on the black and white boquete earrings since summer, and I finally caved and bought them. They are so cute and will look adorable come spring!! The apple earrings I bought to wear when I work my 40 hours at an elementary school this coming semester! I just cannot wait to work with those kids!!

The barett I bought because I love wearing my hair half up, and you can never have enough clips to do that! The hair ties are the only type I wear anymore because you can wear them all day or sleep in them and they will not leave a dent in your hair! I have been meaning to learn how to make them myself, but for now I can get them for $2.25 with my discount and it is worth it!

Sometimes I feel like I buy something every single time I work. But usually it is a great deal, discount or not! So if you are in need of some accessories stop by your local Claire's store because there is always a great, great sale!

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