Sunday, January 6, 2013

May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor

Photo courtesy of Scholastic

So I am re-reading The Hunger Games for what I think is the third or fourth time, and since I did not want to bring my Kindle to work with me I decided to check out a copy from the library. I love this whole series but the first book stands out to me in a way that the second and third cannot hold a candle to. If you have not read The Hunger Games I highly recommend it, the emotions that you feel when you become engrossed in the characters opened up my heart to a book in a way that had not happened since I finished the final installment of the Harry Potter series.

But the reason why I posted this is because we put out our St. Patrick's Day shipment at Claire's and I found this hat, that made me look a little ridiculous. I also look like I arrived at work directly from the Capitol (read the book to understand that statement!).

I hope these sell! Not necessarily for St. Patrick's Day, but maybe for Halloween! They would work well in a Capitol-inspired Hunger Games Costume!


  1. Oh I so know how you feel. I read the thrid book like three times. I thought they the books would be stupid but after reading it, I was hooked!


  2. I had only heard good things from the series last year when I first read through them, but they ended up being even better than I had hoped for! I am glad you agree and understand :)