Wednesday, January 16, 2013

CVS Haul and Extreme Couponing: Makeup Edition

Okay, I know that I have said it before, but I cannot pass up a good deal! For those of you that are unaware, when you sign up for CVS's ExtraCare program, you can earn ExtraBucks when you buy certain products, they work as CVS money. So when I was at CVS last weekend and I got three coupons:

$3 off Almay
$3 off any Revlon purchase of $10 or more
$1 off Maybelline

I made my total purchase in three transactions, so stick around! Coupon craziness is about to begin!!!

First transaction:
I bought this Almay Intense I-Color eyeshadow for my friend Ashley's birthday! She will love it, I own the one for green eyes and I love how it makes my eyes pop!

Originally Priced: $7.79
On Sale For: $5.99
Coupon for $3 Off Mean I Paid: $2.99
PLUS when all was said and done, I got $3 ExtraBucks back for my next transaction.
Total Cost with Tax: $3.44
Total Cost for Haul: $3.44

Second Transaction:
I bought the gel eyeliner because I have wanted one for forever, and the reviews on this one for Maybelline were awesome! And the color tattoo is rumored to be as awesome as Mac's Paint Pot line--so I had to get one of those too!

Color Tatto: $6.99
Gel Liner: $10.79
Subtotal: $17.78
$1 Off Maybelline Coupon: $16.78
$3 Off Because of ExtraBucks: $13.78
Total Cost with Tax: 15.11
AND $5 ExtraBucks because I spent over $15 on Maybelline!
Total Cost for Haul: $18.55

Third Transaction:
Okay, this is where I am going to blow you all away. Sometimes you have to comb through the aisles of the store in order to find the best deals. Some of the Revlon Colorburst lipsticks have been discontinued so they are 75% off at CVS! Which means that regularly priced $9.99 lipsticks are a whopping $2.49!!! I bought two of the Rosy Nude ones because I needed to go over $10 for my coupon to work! And get this--because of the $3 off, I spent less buying five than if I had just bought four!

Revlon Lipstick: $9.99 x 5
Subtotal: $49.95
Lipsticks 75% Off: $2.49 x 5
New Subtotal: $12.45
$3 Off Revlon Coupon: $9.45
$5 Off Because of ExtraBucks: $4.45
10% Off Coupon Because of CVS Beauty Rewards: $3.20
Total Cost with Tax: $4.04

For those of you that are wondering what the 75% off lipsticks actually look like--check this out!

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