Thursday, January 24, 2013

Rec Room/Lobby Bulletin Boards

Okay so I am in charge of the TV Guide board in the Rec Room next to the tv, and I needed to put together a bulletin board for the Lobby! Here is each one with some tips on how/why it is the way it is!!!

So the theme for our hall this semester is Superheros! So this is what I put together for the TV Guide board! I started out by putting up some navy butcher paper, die-cutted out yellow star boarders, die-cutted TV GUIDE, and die-cutted the citty boarder in black (I know, I love die-cuts). Then I traced the Batman symbol on my tv (hooked up to my computer) and colored it in with paint markers. I also added all of the TV channels in our area, but I thought that this poster showed it best.

This board was a little more fun for me! I used this blog post (that I did not tag in my last post, you can read why there) to do the boarder, but basically I posted the question and die-cut a bunch of coffee cups for residents to write their answers on!

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