Friday, November 23, 2012

Bllllllack Friday OOTD!

I just want to say that I am not a Black Friday shopper at all. At all. And that might be because I have anxiety at the thought of fighting people for deals or because nothing has seem important enough for me to wait in lines in the cold/rain for hours on end. But I will say that I was excited to work Black Friday this year at Claire's! My manager texted me this morning to wear all black in celebration of Black Friday and you will never guess who forgot to pack black leggings and did not have a black top on hand...This girl. But after a quick trip to the store (clearance rack!) and $28 later I had my Black Friday outfit!
Black fleece-lined leggings
Peter Pan collar lace tank
Black camisole under
Black Blazer
Leopard Steve Madden loafers
Red lips!

I decided that a red lip would look nice with my black outfit and leopard loafers and I flat ironed my hair, threw on some Claire's jewelry that I bought last summer and I was off to work! It was not too busy tonight, but I enjoyed getting back into the swing of things back at my store! I will be returning over my winter break, so expect a Claire's haul at some point!

Do you like to go Black Friday shopping? Or do you prefer Cyber Monday? Which has the best deals and why? Be sure to check out this article that has a ton more info on Black Friday!

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