Sunday, November 4, 2012

Team Too Organized

So most of the people that know me know that I LOVE an organized room. When I say love I mean LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! So tonight is my duty night and I planned on doing a couple touch ups to my room including finally unpacking my winter clothes (it will be in the 50's this week!!). This is a great way to organize scarves, gloves, and your other fall/winter accessories. So I have one of those scarf-organizer hangers that you can buy for around ten bucks at Marshall's and did the following:

1. Pick out scarf-hanger wrack, here are some online choices: OneTwoThreeFourFive
2. Separate your accessories to these categories.
   -Fashion Scarves
   -Winter (warmth) Scarves
3. Put each of these categories together in your organizer.
4. Admire your mad organization skills!

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