Sunday, November 17, 2013

Bulletin Boards

My wing bulletin board for the month of October was inspired by this Infograph that I found on Pinterest over the summer and I thought it would make an impactful bulletin board. I originally had nineteen of the facts drawn, colored, cut out, and typed up. Sadly I was only able to fit eleven on my board! If this happens to you a good idea would be to stretch the bulletin board throughout your hallway and just put the remaining facts on construction paper and post them up everywhere.

My floor buddy and I decided on an adaptation to a bulletin board I found on Pinterest (and cannot find the picture!). The board is "Do You Give A Ripppppppppp?" We found a bunch of ad type papers that you are able to rip a portion of the bottom off to get the information. I found the majority of mine on the internet but my floor buddy made all of hers.

This month my floor buddy and I made a "Goal Ball Machine" where residents could write their goals on circles. I thought for the most part it has been successful and we have only had a couple residents that took advantage of the interactive board by writing inappropriate messages.


  1. Anyway you could email me the "Give a rip" fliers to Thanks!