Friday, September 6, 2013

How to Be A Successful Student Bulletin Board

When I got back to the residence halls for RA Training I realized that my staff meant business and that everyone was going to have exceptional bulletin boards. I love making my bulletin boards so the fact that I was going to have the pleasure of living in a building surrounded by fantastic boards was music to my ears. I was inspired by this picture/chart/thing I found on Pinterest and I took the idea and ran with it.
My board is broken up into the following categories:
-Living Somewhere New
-Living With a Roommate
-Managing Your Time (my personal favorite)
-Getting the most out of college

And in case I had residents that did not want to read the whole board (because those residents are everywhere, right?)
-Surviving the Year Cheat Sheet

I love this board because it allowed me to freehand and trace a ton of pictures and make the board super colorful and eye-grabbing. But if you are looking for your back-to-school bulletin board I hope mine inspires your's!

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