Monday, October 1, 2012

Sooo...I Redid the Anniversary Present

Remember way back in March when I made Chris the shadow box for our anniversary? A place to display the Playbill, tickets, and pictures we took when we saw Les Mis? Well we did end up seeing it in August (it was amazing!) but I wanted to re-do the shadow box to make it look something like this, an "Admit One" box where we could put all of our ticket stubs because I keep all of that stuff for sentimental value. So last night while I was on duty (RA terminology meaning I was the "on call" resident advisor for the night) I re-did the box! This is how I did it!

-12x12 Shadow Box (I chose black)
-12x12 Piece of Scrapbook Paper (or whatever size your shadow box is)
-Letter Stickers (mine were silver)
-Ticket Stubs, Playbills, or whatever else you want to put in the box!

1) Place the stickers to say "Admit One" on the scrapbooking paper
2) Place all of your stubs and whatnot in the box
3) Close the box back up
4) Optional: Cut a slit at the top of the shadow box to easily put new ticket stubs inside!

I didn't do the optional part because I didn't want to cut a slit large enough for Playbills in case we go to other plays/musicals. It's up to you but this is a really cheap gift if you are a scrapbooker like I am, I found the shadow box only for $10 and that was my total cost.

Finished Product

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