Saturday, May 11, 2013

Superhero Door Tags

So better late than never... My door tags! The building theme this semester was Superheroes! Each of the RA's needed to think of a way to display the resident's names in a way that went with the theme. I really, really wanted to make each of my residents into their own superhero on their door tag. I wrote their room number on the capes and I made a spotlight (I was thinking it was like the Bat Signal from Batman). I found two different boy superheroes and I traced them from my laptop, and traced another pair and turned them into girl superheroes. Just that alone does take a while, and then personalizing each superhero to make it look like my resident took a few days setting aside a couple hours to work on them. When they were finished they looked fantastic! Here are some larger photos in case you cannot get the full idea from the little one above.

My neat little stack of door tags--so easy to travel with!

All finished! Just need to add names!

Pre-yellow name signals!

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