Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Monday Night Date Night: The Great Gatsby Edition

I know I usually wait until Monday to post Date Ideas, but since I saw this movie before it was released I just couldn't wait until next Monday! Be sure to go see this film on your next date night!!

The joys of being an RA and living in the residence halls means that we get to go to early (free!) showings of new movies. This was the first time I have taken advantage of this and Chris and were able to go see The Great Gatsby before it hits theaters May 10! If you become a member of you will be able to see free showings of movies in your area!

In case you were not planning on going to see this movie you must change your mind! The music alone is worth the price of admission! Leo does a fantastic job, as always, and the move is spot on with the book for the most part.

I do not recommend seeing this movie instead of reading the book but if you want to read the book and see the movie I will say you will be prepared for any tests!

This particular date started off with sun and wonderful company with my Christopher love.

Then the downpour started...and we got a little wet.
 A picture of Chris and Myself while we were in line in the pouring rain (take note of how sunny it still seems...weirdest weather ever!)

It was pouring!

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