Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Notes and Lists Galore!

I love note pads. And Post-Its, but especially notepads. It is something about writing out everything I need to do to stay organized and then being able to cross things off my lists. So of course when I saw a bunch of notepads at  Marshall's and I had to get one. Which might have turned into one notepad and another package of three notepads (how could I resist! They had "S"'s on them!).

This is one of those notepads that have a magnet that will keep them closed most of the time. I plan on using this one to take on my Duty Rounds with a little pen and write down if I need to put any IR's or Work Orders in!

And this is the three-pack, I actually am taking notes on other things that I want to blog about right now! And that pen is so adorable, I love everything about these notepads.

I have started to collect these things, and my stationary collection too! When I find something I like I need a ton of it. My current stationary is hot pink with cats on it! I got six packages from the dollar spot in Target. Wonderful. So anyone out there that enjoys notepads or stationary (or knows someone who does and needs a stocking stuffer gift) go to Marshall's!

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