Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Packing for a Three-Day Getaway

I am sure that those of us doing the long-distance thing are not strangers to packing for a couple days here and there with the one we love. So when I saw this article it reminded me of the last little vacation Chris and I took to Tahoe for his cousin's wedding. His grandpa told me the same thing! I have a little problem of over-packing when I go on trips. Especially when I attempt to pack light. So here are some tips that I took from that article and applying it to my train journey where I bring the smallest suitcase (more like an overnight bag) and try as hard as I can to pack as many outfits as possible! When you want to pack like this, the trick is that instead of folding the clothes (like one of the pictures below), you roll them up, this takes up about half the space as traditional folding. Keep this in mind when you must use only a carry-on or if you are trying to save space. Re-packing after the trip takes a little bit longer but it is SO worth it. Here goes nothing...

So first off, I made a list of where I was going. The problem with this is that I'm only sure of one activity we are doing. But I also wrote down the weather so I could pack according to that.
Second, I made a rough list of things that would be appropriate for activities and weather.

Finally, the fun part. I went through my closet and drawers and tried my best to put together outfits that included layers of clothes that I could wear in the morning, shed in the head, and then put back on if it cooled down at night. (Don't forget underwear too!)
Here are all of the things I need to put in my tiny bag.

"Roll-Up" Technique. As you can tell, I have more than enough room for my cosmetic bag to sit nicely on the top!

All ready to go! Can't wait to get on that train!

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