Saturday, February 18, 2012

Craft Day Saturday!!

So Chris has been mentioning how much he loves when I send him love notes, but he does not have anywhere to put them. So they just sit in a pile collecting dust in his room. And even though this might just be a box that collects dust I am very proud of it and the story on how it came about!
Chris and I went to Michaels yesterday so I could get craft supplies and I was looking for puff paint. I found a store worker and asked him to point me in the right direction and instead takes me to the exact aisle i needed! And then told me that it was "Random Act of Kindess Day" and handed me an envelope. Inside was a $5 gift card! But then I got some even better deals for this craft!

-Craft Box: $2.99
-'L' Letter: $1.99
-White Puff Paint: $1.19
-Red Acrylic Paint: $.77
-White Acrylic Paint: $.77
-Valentine's Sale Stickers: $.89
-Sponge Brush: $.07
-Heart Wood Chips: $.05

So for $8.72 (not including tax, or $3.72 if you include my gift card) I got to add white and red to my acrylic paint collection, white to my puff paint collection, and an adorable box for my love to store his letters! The really great deal was that sponge brush because they were 4 for $1, regularly $.49 each! So when I saw the brush rang up for $.07 it was a pleasant surprise, especially because I was all ready to buy four of them!

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